How To Banish PMS With Food: Tips For Preventing Breakouts, Cramps And Mood Swings

If you turn into the Hulk in the run up to your period then we have news for you.

According to ModaMob's Monica Richards, changing your diet could drastically help curb those mood swings. Hurrah!

It's important to drink as much water as possible, while also stocking up on plenty of fruit and vegetables with high water content such as cucumber, grapefruit and lemons. But keep salt and caffeine intake to a minimum.

Meanwhile keep your irritability levels to a minimum by gobbling nuts, spinach and eggs.

And if you suffer with awful breakouts during this time (oh the joys) then, once again, drink plenty of water and eat lots of dark, leafy vegetables such as spinach, which contains a hefty dose of vitamin A.

Orange fruits such as papaya, apricot and peaches can also help your skin, as the yellow pigments increase skin cell turnover.

Sore breasts can be eased by consuming plenty of omega 3 fatty acids which can often be found in fish. This will help reduce puffiness and inflammation.

And if you don't like fish, then try snacking on nuts and avocado.

Soy has also been shown to help with breast tenderness, so stock up on the edamame beans and soy sauce.

Finally, if you suffer from hellish cramps then drink plenty of hot drinks like mint tea. Or try a comforting soup.

Calcium has also been proven to dull menstrual pain, so get chugging that milk!

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