Little Girl Throws Tantrum In Front Of Barack Obama At White House At Passover

This Little Girl Is Well And Truly Through With Obama

Maybe it's the new trade bill. Maybe it's her opposition to the continuation of Guantanamo Bay. Maybe it's the failure to stop Islamic State marching on Palmyra.

Whatever it is, Claudia is not happy with Barack Obama.

In al fairness she probably just needs a nap but the look on Obama's face is priceless: "See what I have to work with here?"

Probably a similar look to the one he gives when he comes out of a meeting with a Republican.

And all this is strangely familiar.

Remember last year when this happened?

As Barack Obama chatted with the boy's parents, a departing Secret Service agent and his wife, the little boy reacted to his plight in glorious fashion - by face-planting onto a couch in the Oval Office.

The majestic dive, captured by Lawrence Jackson, was released as the White House revealed some candid behind-the-scenes photographs from June on its official Flickr account.


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