These Period Pants Stop Leaks So Women Can Get On With Their Lives Whether It's That Time Of The Month Or Not

Let's face it, most of the time sanitary towels and tampons serve their function very well. But sometimes they're a bit of a faff to use and other times they just don't bloody work (excuse the pun).

When Miki Agrawal had to cut an important business meeting short because she'd leaked blood onto her white skirt, she knew that something needed to be done to make women's sanitary products more effective.

“I thought to myself, why isn’t there underwear that is leak and stain resistant? And wouldn’t it be great if they did?” she told Mamamia.

And that's when THINX underwear - a collection of absorbent, leak-proof pants - came into being, designed specifically for women on their periods.

The underwear line combines the effectiveness of sanitary products and comes in three styles: thongs, normal pants and hipster briefs.

It uses patented technology which can hold up to two tampons-worth of blood (depending on the style), but with normal, thin material rather than a reinforced nappy situation.

Currently, the collection is designed to be used alongside sanitary products and act as a double layer of protection against embarrassing leaks.

But the vision for the future is to replace sanitary products completely. And there's even talk of inventing pants with additional heating pad inserts that'll help calm hellish cramps.

The three entrepreneurs behind the wondrous invention - Antonia Dunbar, Miki Agrawal and Radha Agrawal - have created a brand that they hope will eliminate period taboos and empower women.

"We see a world where no woman is held back by her body," says the THINX website. "We will work proudly and tirelessly until every single girl has an equal opportunity for the brighter future she deserves."

"By reimagining feminine hygiene products to provide support, comfort, confidence, and peace of mind, we aim to eliminate shame, empowering women and girls around the world."

What's more, the company is helping women in developing countries by donating a reusable menstrual pad to AFRIpads for every pair of pants purchased.

One word: Awesome.

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