China Is Using Drones To Catch Cheating Students In Exams

China has come up with a clever way of catching students who cheat on their gaokao exams -- the country's notoriously competitive national university entrance exams.

In order to keep the students in check, the city of Luoyang has employed a six-propellor drone.

Operated using an app on a tablet, the drone can fly 500 meters above the exam hall and scan the venue for radio signals.

The Secretary Luoyang Radio Authority Zeng Ying Yong told Edu People: "...we also advise those people with ulterior motives, as early as possible to give up trying to be cheating in examinations and ideas via radio means."

While's the done's presence may cause students to think twice about cheating it probably won't stop ambitious parents, who have reportedly resorted to paying "surrogate exam-takers" to ensure their child's exam's success.

Yesterday, over nine million Chinese students sat down to write the national tests that will decide where the students will spend their university lives.

Traditionally, cheaters have written on arms or taken 'toilet breaks' to check answer sheets that have been stuffed into pockets and underwear.

The gaokao exams however, are particularly gruelling and students have resorted to using sophisticated equipment to cope with the 'fate-determining' tests, including having a radio feed of answers transmitted to them via small earphones which in some cases can only be removed by a magnet.