US Navy Tests LOCUST Drones That Swarm Over Their Targets

The US Navy Is Building A Swarm Of Drones

The US Navy is beginning to build up quite the arsenal of terrifying weapons. Not content with a laser that can melt ships, or a railgun that can fire at hypersonic speeds, the organisation is now testing swarms of drones.

LOCUST (LOw-Cost Unmannded aerial vehicle Swarming Technology) is said drone program. Using small tube-launched drones the idea is that a ship can launch tens of drones at a time.

The small aircraft would then work together to attack or monitor a target. This isn't the first time an organisation has explored the idea of using a 'swarm' mentality with robotics.

BAE Systems revealed a drone concept that would me made out of small drones, all communicating through a 'hive mind' AI.

If this all sounds a bit terrifying that's probably because it is.


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