10/06/2015 06:57 BST | Updated 10/06/2015 06:59 BST

Here's Every UFO Sighting In The US Visualised On One Map

UFO sightings are not in short supply, simply search 'UFO' in YouTube and you'll be presented with days, even months worth of footage that show everything from people dressed in tin foil to genuinely disturbing videos that can't be explained.

Websites such as UFOsightingsdaily track everything from 'faces' on the surface of Mars to mysterious objects found in the archive footage of the old Apollo missions.

The National UFO Reporting Center in the US has compiled all of its UFO sightings data from 2014 and turned it into a fascinating group of infographics which show the kinds of UFOs seen, to the density of sightings around the US.

Where's the best place to see a UFO?

Turning UFO sightings into a map immediately shows us something interesting - There are considerably more UFO sightings in the west coast than in the east coast.

Why? Well it'd be foolish not to mention the fact that much of the US Military's weapons and experimental aircraft testing takes place in the Nevada desert, found rather conveniently in the west United States.


What's the most common type of UFO?

Now the next step is working out what types of UFO are being seen. As you can see from the data it becomes clear that the iconic 'flying saucer' actually makes up a tiny part of the sightings in the US.

Far more common are experiences which many would describe as paranormal centring around 'glowing orbs', 'lightning balls'.

The second most prevalent are basic shapes ranging from spheres to triangles. Triangles interestingly is the shape of the US Military's B2-Spirit Stealth Bomber and has become the staple design for stealth drone aircraft.

When's the best time to see a UFO?

Well if this data is anything to go on your best bet is heading out into the garden around 9PM in the middle of July. There's a clear spike of sightings in the summer months however a common theme is that UFOs are usually spotted in the evenings, regardless of the season.

What does the US Government say?

Remarkably, very little. Obama and Clinton have both openly joked about the existence of the 'UFO Files' on national television and documentary maker Louis Theroux once even went UFO hunting in the Nevada Desert.

The only major announcements about UFOs from governments has come in the form of the CIA's Twitter account taking responsibility for almost all the UFO sightings in the 50s.

Jokingly admitting that much of the 'paranormal' activity in the US at the time was all secret government spying operations this is the closest the US government has ever gotten to openly admitting the activities of Nevada's secretive testing facility otherwise known as 'Area 51'.