Watch This Tiger Shark Narrowly Miss A Diver And Attack GoPro Instead

Scuba Diver Has Terrifying Near Miss With Tiger Shark

As far as near misses go this diver's encounter with a tiger shark is as close as it gets.

The terrifying encounter begins as a brave diving duo begin waving their camera at a shark, that appears to be wildly circling the territory. Never a good idea.

The shark spots the GoPro precariously balanced on a stick and decides to swim towards the divers who to their credit, don't back away.

While one member of the team continues to wave his camera around in an attempt to film the school of beautiful fish swimming beneath him, the tiger shark takes another swipe at the GoPro.

While its aim is spot on, it somehow manages to avoid taking a bite of the diver and the GoPro, which we're sure made for a happier ending to the duo's tale once they resurfaced.

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