Fitness Trainer Shows How Simple It Is To Fake A Before And After 'Fitspo' Photo

You know those before and after 'fitspo' shots on Instagram that make you want to (almost) drop the cake and do burpees on the spot?

Well, one fitness trainer has set out to prove that you shouldn't always be bowled over by them.

Fitness trainer and blogger Sophie Kay revealed just how easy it is to create a fake "before and after" fitspiration shot within minutes of one another, simply by making a few small adjustments.

In her blog post on debunking fitness myths, Sophie Kay showed before and after fitness shots, which she'd taken just three minutes apart.

Her aim was to show that sometimes they're totally unrealistic, so you shouldn't compare yourself to them.

Speaking to HuffPost UK Lifestyle, Kay said: "I've felt the pressure of having to look a certain way being a fitness blogger and personal trainer, and I realised that I'm just never going to look like those 'instababes'.

"Once I accepted that, I started to love my body and wanted to help other women and men make the same realisation.

"Just as much as there are lots of people out there who are sharing genuine transformation photos, there are also lots of selfies that perhaps don't show the real side of fitness as only the 'best' get posted.

"It's important to remember this when you're looking for 'fitspo' online."

To achieve her fake before and after pictures, she revealed: "All I did between the two photos was turn off the overhead light, put on underwear that fit better, twist my body slightly to the side to show off my best angle, flex and, of course, add a filter.

"So don’t pay much attention to those ‘before and after’ shots!"

In the blog post, Kay also brings a few other fitness myths to our attention, namely that you don't have to have a six-pack to be healthy and fit, and that exercise is not easy, it's hard ("and if it is easy then you’re not pushing yourself").

"The world of perfect abs, long legs and sweat-free faces on Instagram portrays an image of fitness that is fun, easy and full of happiness," she writes in her blog.

"It can be all of these things, but it can also be tiring, tough, demoralising and grump-inducing when you’re getting up and it’s still dark outside. Plus, no one actually looks perfect if they’re working out properly!"

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