NASA Cuts Signal To ISS Just Moments After Two 'UFOs' Seen Leaving Earth

NASA Cuts ISS Live Feed As 'UFO' Appears

For the second time this year a video showing what appears to be two UFOs leaving the Earth's atmosphere has caused conspiracy theorists to go into overdrive.

The footage was reportedly captured from NASA's ISS live cam feed and shows two small objects rising out from behind the Earth's horizon. NASA then cuts the live feed almost immediately afterwards, either to change the camera or because of a loss of signal between the ISS and Earth.

It's hard to think of a more suspicious set of events to have taken place: Mysterious objects appear, NASA cuts the live feed almost straight after.

There are however a number of possibly quite straightforward explanations. Both objects are moving in a trajectory that suggest they could quite easily be satellites.

NASA could also have been genuinely changing the cameras - as anyone who watches the live feed knows it happens fairly regularly and indeed on occasion the feed will even drop out.

Then of course there's the third possible explanation which is that actually this entire piece of footage is faked. There's no easy way to access previous live footage captured from the International Space Station so the chances of proving it's genuine are slim at best.

This certainly isn't the first time that conspiracy theorists have gone with the 'aliens are being covered up by NASA' story, indeed dedicated alien hunters found what they believed was proof that NASA was covering up alien sightings as far back as the sixties.

More recently though theorists have moved from physical sightings to archaeological evidence thanks to our now semi-permanent presence on Mars.

NASA's Curiosity rover recently sparked a social media meltdown after one of its cameras spotted what appeared to be a perfectly formed pyramid on the surface of Mars.

Almost immediately UFO hunters cried that this was the final evidence needed of life on other planets. Of course it couldn't be, but unless NASA decides to devote Curiosity's precious resources to looking at what might be a pyramid, then we'll never know.

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