100 Years Of Beauty In Russia: A Century's Worth Of Style In Less Than Two Minutes

From the 1910s to the modern day, see how events such as the rise of Stalin, the fall of the Soviet Union and the forming of Pussy Riot, shaped a century's worth of stunning Russian style in less than two minutes.

The team over at Cut Video have just released the next installment in their 100 Years of Beauty series - starting seven months ago with America and covering countries across the globe, from India to the Philippines.

Makeup artist Katya Gudaeva and hairstylist Juel Bergholm transform model Anya Zaytseva to take viewers on a journey through beauty trend evolutions in Russia.

Women in the 1930s wore very little makeup as it was right in the middle of Stalin's reign. The former leader of the Soviet Union actually campaigned against makeup and long hair!

In the 1940s, patriotism = beauty. Women aspired to look like Nadia Popova, a member of an all-female fighter pilot squad.

In tandem with the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union, popular beauty looks became more Westernised.

The video pays homage to Moscow-based feminist protest group Pussy Riot with their final look.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Photos Of Women Around The World Prove Beauty Is Everywhere

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