01/07/2015 07:11 BST | Updated 01/07/2015 07:59 BST

The Hottest Countries In The World Put Even The British Heatwave In The Shade

In Britain an somewhat unprecedented heatwave has seen temperatures march towards 35C - but some countries might regard that as a cool breeze.

Some of the world's hottest countries hit an average of 35C every day, making the British sun seem dismal in comparison.

The hottest destination ever recorded was in the Mojave desert in California which reached a scorching 56.7C back in 1913.

Feeling hot hot hot... the Mojave desert reached the hottest ever temperature recorded

The Earth's most sizzling current locations are Algeria and Kuwait, which hit a staggering daily average of 37.7C.

According to the World Bank, six other countries are inlcuding in the blistering list, each scoring temperature averages of 35C between 1990-2009.


Pakistan and India also in the list and are also currently facing their own extreme heatwaves.

In Pakistan thousands of people have have been killed in the asphalt-melting conditions.

Saudi Arabia, Mali and Mauritania also made the list but these are still on the cool side compared to the top ranking two.

So remember, if the heat in Britain is getting you hot and bothered, it could be a lot worse...

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