Artist's Latest Project Crashes Iconic Star Wars Battleships Into Paris, London And Rio

Artist Fulfils Our Geek Dreams By Asking: 'What If Star Wars Were Real?'

Artist Nicolas Amiard has answered every Star Wars fan's dream by answering the ultimate question: What if Star Wars were real?

Described as a personal project, Amiard has taken some of the most recognisable battleships from Star Wars and 'crashed' them into well-known cities.

The results are surreal and yet at the same time incredible cool to look at. While they of course seem entirely out of place, Amiard manages to give them context to their surroundings making a Tie Fighter look frankly normal on the streets of London.

With J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming out Christmas 2015, expect a whole lot more Star Wars themed creative content coming from artists and filmmakers as hype for the new film reaches fever pitch.

With video games like Star Wars: Battlefront fulfilling our desire to actually be in the films, this project from Amiard manages to satisfy our desire of wondering what it would be like if the world of Star Wars suddenly turned up on our doorstep.

Nicolas Amiard - Star Wars

Nicolas Amiard - Star Wars

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