Minions McDonald's Happy Meal Toys Are 'Swearing' And Upsetting Parents

WTF? This Foul-Mouthed Minion Is Making American Parents Mad

Parents across the pond are outraged as they are claiming that McDonalds' Minion toys are foul-mouthed.

The toys, stocked in US McDonald's Happy Meals, are generating a dubious publicity after a video emerged online featuring one of the creatures uttering what some believe is the sentence: "What the fuck".

Some parents have been taking the items in question away from their children, fearing the plastic characters will turn their children into potty mouths.

These mischievous Minions are causing chaos

The footage under scrutiny was shot by a father who questioned the Minion's phrasing whilst on a road trip with his daughter.

His comments on the YouTube video state: "Though Minions speak a language all their own, this little caveman Minion spoke something that just didn't seem quite right.

"You decide for yourself, but from what I hear its not good."

Another outraged parent, Taylor King, told My Fox 48: "I heard what it said and I'm like, 'Whoa hang on here'. It clearly says what it says...

"My kids are old enough now where they're going to mimic anything they hear from a toy. It's coming from a toy. They're going to assume it's okay to say that."

According to the Telegraph, a spokesperson for McDonald's denied the accusations and said: "Minions speak Minionese, which is a random combination of languages and nonsense words and sounds.

"Minionese has no translation to or any meaning in any recognised language. Any perceived similarities to words within the English language are purely coincidental."

The response on social media has so far been gleefully positive, with many just wanting to get their hands on a foul-mouthed toy:

This is not the first case of badly behaving children's toys and in July parents were outraged when a Barbie doll taught their child to say 'Fuck it'.

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