'Big Brother' 2015: Helen Wood's 'Rapist And Murderer' Comments To Brian Belo Cleared By Ofcom

Ofcom Reach Decision On 'BB' 'Murderer And Rapist' Comments

Big Brother’ will not face an Ofcom investigation into Helen Wood’s controversial comments to Brian Belo on the show, it has been confirmed.


The ‘BB: Power Trip’ winner sparked over 2,000 complaints to the media regulator, after she said that Brian "looked like a murderer and a rapist", during a heated argument on the Channel 5 reality series last month.

However, Ofcom has now said it won’t be taking the matter any further, insisting that Channel 5 took appropriate action.

Helen Wood and Brian Belo

A spokesperson said in a statement: “Ofcom assessed a number of complaints about bullying in ‘Big Brother’ and has decided they do not raise issues under our rules warranting further investigation.

“We were satisfied that Channel 5 had broadcast clear and appropriate warnings about the potentially offensive content, and that it intervened in heated exchanges and situations at appropriate times.

“We also took into account audience expectations for this reality format and the fact that the series was broadcast after the watershed.”

Following the incident - which came after Helen, Brian and Nikki Grahame all returned to the house, as part of a 'Time Warp' twist - ‘Big Brother’ issued Helen with a formal warning for her comments.

She later apologised for using the words “murderer and rapist” upon her exit from the house, but stood by her arguments with Brian, insisting she was not a bully.


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