The Sun Exposes Saluting Queen As Secret Nazi, Twitter Reveals Other Hitler Sympathisers

Twitter Exposes Other Saluting Nazi Sympathisers

Bravo to The Sun for unmasking Queen Elizabeth II as a secret Nazi. The 17-second film obtained and published by Rupert Murdoch's newspaper clearly shows the 6-year-old in thrall to the tenets of National Socialism, the destruction of the Jewish race and the worldwide domination of Hitlerism.

Herr Sooty, Reichsführer of the Schutzstaffel (left) and Herr Sweep, Reich Minister of Propaganda (right)

Yet rather than applaud the newspaper for its seminal investigatory work, Twitter, that bourgeois bohemian redoubt of faux outrage and mob rule, set about mocking the newspaper, posting pictures of other Nazi sympathisers. The online rabble even used the hash tag #DontBuyTheSun, suggesting a ridiculous boycott to the stellar publication.

Here are some of most the scandalous jibes:

To aid Murdoch's Nazi-hunting quest, here are a few more we suspect of holding secret sympathies towards the Third Reich:

Chief of Staff for Waffen-SS (left), the Lord Mayor of Munich (centre) and the personal physician of Adolf Hitler (right)

Head of the Reich Chancellery?

Governor-General of occupied Poland?

Reich Minister of Justice?

Head of the Gestapo?

They're All At It...

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