Netflix Will Become More Expensive To Make Room For More Original Content

All good things come at a price and Netflix is about to tell us how much.

During a call to investors, the company's CEO Reed Hastings announced that subscription costs could slowly rise over the next ten years.

In a move to limit the number of profiles per account, he also said that it will become harder to share passwords.

The only good news (for us) is that the new prices won't come into play over the next three months.

For Netflix however, the new fees could mean more quality original content.

“We want to take it very slow,” Hastings told The Independent.

“Over the next decade I think we’ll be able to add more content and have more value and then price that appropriately.”

The streaming service has over 60 million subscribers, a following it owes to its hugely successful sets of original series such as House of Cards.

Prices rose by 50p in June for new subscribers but Hastings is yet to indicate how high the next hike will be.

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