22/07/2015 13:13 BST | Updated 22/07/2015 13:59 BST

Roxanne Mahroof, Suspended Birmingham Nurse, Tells Cop: 'You Wait If Your Mum Ever Has To Be Cared For By Me'

A nurse has been suspended after telling a policewoman "just you wait if your mum ever has to be cared for by me" and attacking another person with a bottle.

Birmingham Heartlands Hospital nurse Roxanne Mahroof has been banned from nursing for a year by the Nursing and Midwifery Council who told her that her behaviour had shamed the profession.

The council heard that Mahroof told a female officer: "Do you know who I fucking am?

"I'm a fucking nurse, just you wait if your mum ever has to be cared for by me."

Birmingham Heartlands Hospital nurse Roxanne Mahroof has been suspended from nursing for a year after abusing a policewoman

Mahroof was convicted of assaulting the officer at Solihull Magistrates' Court in July 2, 2013, having earlier admitted a charge of criminal damage after attacking a double-glazed front door. On both charges she was sentenced to 250-hours of community work and ordered to pay £650 compensation.

Then in October, 2014, Mahroof was found guilty of assault by beating at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court. The nurse was jailed for eight weeks after hitting a person repeatedly with a bottle at a friend's house where children were present.

Mahroof narrowly avoided being permanently banned from nursing.

The council's report said: “You stated you are very proud of how hard you have worked to become a nurse and that you love the profession.

“You stated your actions were unforgiveable and you acknowledge there is no excuse for them.

“You stated you are remorseful and embarrassed.

“You stated you were disgusted with your behaviour.”

The council was told that Mahroof had enrolled in an anger management course during her jail term and had suffered from health and personal issues at the time she committed the crimes.

The council said: "Your actions are considered to be unlawful and inappropriate, and fell far below the standards of a registered nurse.

"You stated that you are remorseful and embarrassed about your behaviour, but that you have taken responsibility for your actions. You stated that you were disgusted with your behaviour.

"The panel was very close to the decision of a striking-off order. The panel concluded that a suspension order for 12 months was the appropriate and proportionate order in this case, to mark the seriousness of your convictions."


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