A survey by the Royal College of Nursing also revealed 1 in 18 agency nursing staff have not even been offered a single dose.
Healthcare workers have already suffered a "year of hell", one staff nurse says, as unions warn of industrial action.
The offer would reportedly amount to an extra £3.50 a week for an experienced nurse who has spent a year battling Covid.
Nurses were excluded from the wage increase for around 900,000 public sector workers announced in July.
Health secretary Matt Hancock said the funding would help the government reach its target of 50,000 more nurses by 2024.
The baby’s umbilical cord was not severed until firefighters arrived about 15 minutes after it was born.
But the overall number of nursing and midwifery staff grew by 8,000 in the last year, a report revealed.
Teachers, nurses and police officers to be held accountable for failing to “spot warning signs”.
I was expecting an overcrowded, sterile and cheerless environment. Instead it was more like a Travelodge with nursing staff