Funnel Clouds Form Over Calgary, Canada And It's Caught In A Beautiful Timelapse Video

A stunning timelapse video has captured the incredible moment that a funnel cloud formed over Calgary, Canada.

The formations can be seen during a powerful thunderstorm which blew through the Alberta city on 22 July.

Environment Canada advised residents stay indoors, citing the possibility of golf ball-sized hail outside.

The beautiful footage captures the storm in full ferocity

They later confirmed that a tornado touched around 25 miles southwest of Calgary near Priddis.

Funnel clouds are a vortex of condensated water vapor and air spinning at high velocity. They can form under cumulus clouds (puffy clouds that sometimes look like pieces of floating cotton) if there is enough humidity and vorticity in the air.

Funnel clouds and tornados often get mistaken for one another but there is a distinct difference.

A condensation funnel cloud is only defined as a tornado if it is in contact with the ground and a debris cloud or dust whirl is visible beneath it. Usually funnel clouds have no detectable debris or damage at ground level.

Locals posted their own pictures of the formation on social networking sites:

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