Cecil The Lion Slaughter Defended By US Gun Magazine Editor, Dave Workman, In LBC Interview

Cecil the lion, pictured dead with his killer Walter Palmer (left)
Cecil the lion, pictured dead with his killer Walter Palmer (left)

Cecil the lion was a legitimate target for hunting, the editor of a US-based gun magazine claimed on Wednesday.

Dave Workman told LBC there was "sound reasons" for the slaughter of the African animal, who was shot and beheaded by American dentist Walter Palmer earlier this week.

When asked by presenter Iain Dale why he would want to hunt a lion, Workman replied, "because it has teeth and they have actually killed people in the United States."

The US magazine editor also admitted to having hunted "all different types of game" himself.

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"I don't hunt a waterfowl because it just doesn't interest me, but I've hunted all different kind of game," he added.

"I understand there are people who eat mountain lion meat - they even enjoy it.

"It's different - it depends on who you are, I guess."

A Commons inquiry into international wildlife crime is being considered in light of the killing of Africa's most famous lion, a Conservative Party MP announced this week.

Neil Parish, chairman of the Commons' Environment, Food and Rural Affairs select committee, told The Huffington Post UK he wanted to examine the poaching of animals, also including elephants, rhinos and tigers, and trafficking from Africa and Asia.