Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Latest: Mother Of Missing Passenger Still 'Not Losing Hope' That Son Is Still Alive

The mother of a passenger who was on board flight MH370 has said she is trying not to lose hope that her son is still alive after hearing the news that possible debris of the plane has been found.

Naliflour Vaezi-Tehrani's son, Pouria Nourmohammadi, became a person of interest after the Malaysia Airlines flight disappeared.

Malaysian officials accused him of stealing his passport, however later concluded he was seeking asylum from Iran and was not a terrorist.

Naliflour Vaezi-Tehrani and her son who was on board MH270, Pouria Nourmohammadi

Nourmohammadi tragically posted a Facebook status indicating he was safe hours before boarding the doomed MH370 airplane.

He was embarking on the first leg of a flight that would ultimately take him to Germany where his mother was waiting to help him begin a new life.

Vaezi-Tahrani spoke to ABC News 10 and said: "my soul is breaking... my soul is dying, i'm trying to be alive, i'm not losing my hope."

The interview comes after parts, believed to be from a Boeing 777 – which matches the doomed MH370 aircraft – were found on the west coast of the French island of Reunion, which is located in the western portion of the Indian Ocean.

A day after the debris were found, images of a worn suitcase have emerged on the same island of Reunion.

It is not yet know if it is related to the discovery of the plane debris, which experts are analysing to see if it belongs to the Malaysia Airlines aircraft which went missing 16 months ago.

The debris is said to have washed up off Reunion Island, which is off the coast of Madagascar

Former military pilot Xavier Tytleman told The Telegraph:

“Police in Reunion examining the wreckage say that it looks like it’s been in the water for about a year, which again would fit with MH370. We can’t say for certainty, but we do think there is a chance that this is it.”

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