30/07/2015 11:26 BST | Updated 30/07/2015 12:59 BST

Meet Tonkey, The Puppy That Looks Like A Teddy Bear Who's Taking Over Instagram

Meet Tonkey, the four-month-old bear coat Shar Pei puppy who looks more like a teddy bear than a dog.

Owned by Christine Park and boyfriend David Ngu, from Alberta, Canada, Tonkey has become something of an internet sensation of late.

She's gained more than 147K followers on Instagram since joining just eight weeks ago, with fans liking her photos from all over the world.

"She’s a funny character. Her tail wags at lightning speed - even when she’s in trouble; those eyes could melt the coldest of hearts," Christine said, according to Yahoo! News.

"She cuddles every day, loves children, and is friendly and curious towards strangers."

So, what else do we know about Tonkey?

She enjoys playing with balls...

Fighting with sticks...

Hanging out with her buddy, Max...

Chilling in supermarket trollies...

And having cuddles...

Lots and lots of cuddles.

But she does NOT like having baths...

That's okay though, we still think she's the cutest dog we've ever seen.


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