Russell Brand's 'The Trews' Slams Fox News For 'Harassing' Homeless People

This Is What Russell Brand Thinks Of Fox News 'Harassing' Homeless People

Russell Brand has lambasted Fox News for "haranguing and harassing" homeless people on the streets of New York.

In his latest, 'The Trews', which focuses on the Rupert Murdoch-owned news channel "bullying" poor people sleeping rough, the 40-year-old comedian slams presenter Bill O'Reilly for talking about homeless people as an inconvenience.

O'Reilly, who has had a number of run-ins with Brand in the past, opened his segment saying that the streets of New York are becoming increasingly "chaotic", blaming the city's mayor for not taking a firmer stance against "low level thugs".

The segment then shows a number of 'vox pops' with people in New York criticising mayor Bill de Blasio, who being too "tolerant" with homeless people.

Fox News presenter Bill O'Reilly

Brand asks: "What's the natural end point of this? I think it's this - this is speculative - why don't we round up the homeless and put them in camps or kill them?

"What else is this saying? It's not saying 'can't we solve the problem of homelessness', 'can't we get these people jobs', 'can't we give people shelter', no, it's saying 'can't we eliminate them', 'can't we get rid of them, 'can't we cleanse the world of them'?"

Fox News interviewer, Jesse Watters, then 'harasses' a homeless man, who asks him repeatedly to stop filming him.

His requests fall on deaf ears.

Homeless man is 'harassed' by Fox News' Jesse Watters

Brand says: "There's a man who is mentally ill, who has got as next to nothing as we can possibly conceive of, and a powerful organisation haranguing and harassing him, why?

"I suppose to calcify the idea that this person doesn't have any rights or value as a human being."

Brand continues: "[It's] a Rupert Murdoch-owned news channel, quoting a Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper to present a Rupert Murdoch-owned mentality of condemn and crush humanity.

"Condemn vulnerability, close your heart, close your mind. Destroy, destroy, destroy."

Yet O'Reilly clearly thinks it is those who are homeless ruining neighbourhoods, saying: "Well we believe that they shouldn't be allowed to destroy neighbourhoods. And that's what's going on here."

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