Google Translate Takes On The Classic "La Bamba" In This Hilarious Video

Google has been steadily updating its Translate app over the past year or so, adding new features to both the iOS and Android versions including the ability the point your camera at a piece of text and have it translated live on screen.

Well to show off their sci-fi new feature, the team over at Google have created something rather wonderful.

Using the well-known song "La Bamba", the video shows the app translating each of the lyrics into English in real-time.

Aside from being enormously fun to watch, there's actually some pretty high-tech stuff going on in the background when it comes to real-time translation. You can find out how Google's live translate app works here:

Google isn't the only company that's hoping to conquer the language barrier. Microsoft and Skype both unveiled a real-time translation tool which should allow two people to have a live conversation with each other over video despite speaking different languages.

The 'babel fish' tool is actually available for anyone to try now and works with English and Spanish. Of course as the technology becomes more intuitive Microsoft hopes to be able to add more languages over time.

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