Jon Stewart Delivers Parting Shot To Nemesis Fox News: 'Adios, Motherf*ckers'

Jon Stewart's Parting Shot At Fox News: 'Adios, Motherf*ckers'

"Adios, motherf*ckers!” That was Jon Stewart’s parting shot to his long-time nemesis Fox News on Monday, even though "The Daily Show" host doesn’t end his 16-year run fronting the nightly Comedy Central offering until Friday.

In recent days, Murdoch’s network has rounded on the comedian for being a "tool" of the Obama administration, calling him a "propagandist" for the White House. In response, Stewart played a collection of clips in which the media arm of the Republican Party praised the host for attacking Obama and his policies.

“My hunch is this show’s been harder on the Obama administration and this president per capita than you ever were in your eight years of Bush finger banging,” said Stewart, concluding the segment by yelling, “How's that motherf*cking taste?”

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