Road Rage Between Uber Drivers And Passenger Over 'Clipped Wing Mirror' Caught On Camera

Released footage shows the moment an angry Uber passenger brawled with the driver of another taxi in broad daylight - all over a clipped wing mirror.

Seb Bench, a passenger of one of the cars, filmed the fight, which broke out in a busy London road on Wednesday.

Mr Bench said that the brawl erupted when the other minicab, a Toyota Prius, attempted to cut in front of his driver's BMW, resulting in the vehicle sustaining a damaged wing mirror.

Both drivers reportedly got out of their vehicles and had a fight before the Uber passenger in the vehicle in front joined in.

Shot in Angel, Islington, the film shows a man wearing a pink shirt throwing his driver to the ground and punching him.

Road rage

The driver of Mr Bench's car tries to intervene. A bystander then tries to stop the brawl.

Mr Bench told the Evening Standard: "My guy was obviously angry and there had been pushing and shoving in the first round. But the [other passenger] was full-on aggressive.

"I didn't think it was going to get as feisty as it did. I was in an 'Exec' Uber, a deluxe one. I did not expect this to happen."

The 43-year-old PR boss said those involved in the fracas calmed down after he stopped filming and he took alternative transportation.

The Metropolitan Police said that the incident has not been reported to them.

Uber are investigating the incident.

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