Elephants In Botswana Are Sneakily Stealing Toilet Water From A Campsite

Wild elephants like toilet water so much they have begun stealing it from a Botswana campsite.

One of the animals can be craftily seen with its trunk over the cubicle, supping the liquid from inside the bowl.

According to Carina Blofield, a local guide, the creatures prefer the taste of toilet water as it is less salty than the water hole provided at the unfenced Elephant Sands Lodge.

The naughty elephant steals water from the public toilets in the campsite

Blofield, who captured the images, told Barcroft TV: “The slogan at the campsite is ‘where elephants rule’ and that is definitely the case.

“They offer a water hole but it can be a little salty meaning guests often have a surprise visitor while they are showering or using the toilet.

“Some of the elephants use the water hole but the smaller less dominant animals will often have to wait their turn so they simply made a different plan.

“As you can imagine they really don’t care if the bathrooms are occupied or not so it can give people quite a fright when a huge trunk taps them on the shoulder - but it’s a great experience.

“It’s one of the best experiences you can ask for in the wild and as close to nature as you’re ever likely to get.

“Sharing a shower with a thirsty elephant guzzling up all the water is pretty incredible.”

Elephants are known to be extremely intelligent creatures and this case adds to their mischievousness.

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