Three Strange Light UFO Orbs Caught Over Le Planestel, France

No One Has Any Idea What These Three Glowing Orbs Over France Are

Three strange lights have been spotted over a rural area of Le Planestel, France in a recent UFO sighting caught on camera.

Mystery surrounds the observation of the small spherical glowing orbs, and the film-maker remains unidentified.

As the camera positions itself at the nights sky the glowing balls can be seen floating from left to right.

The unidentified flying objects

The footage then focuses on the hovering balls of light, tracking them and zooming in as they move across the screen.

However, although the sighting seems extra-terrestrial, the term UFO simply qualifies an object that we can't identify and the glowing dots could simply be a plane.

Another explanation for these sightings that does not rely on the existence of little green men, could simply be cloud formations.

Lenticular clouds are often mistaken for being UFO's and are usually created by gravity waves.


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