Black Monday: Damian McBride Gives His Advice On Great Fall Of China

Stock markets the world over plunged in value on Monday morning, andDamian McBride, Gordon Brown’s ex-head of communications and a former senior civil servant at the Treasury, thinks we're in pretty serious trouble.

"The Great Fall of China", otherwise known as “Black Monday”, has seen a reduction in value across European and Oriental markets borne out of shrinking Chinese domestic demand and cheapening commodity exports.

Once known for his delicate choice of words when briefing the yearly Budget, on Monday he didn't leave any doubt in his assessment of the current situation.

A crash, McBride claims, is “looming”.

And he's given bizarre advice.

Crash advice No.3: agree a rally point with your loved ones in case transport and communication gets cut off; somewhere you can all head to.

— Damian McBride (@DPMcBride) August 24, 2015

Others have been tweeting similarly extreme reactions under the hashtag "The Great Fall of China", apparently in jest.

The phrase began trending on social media, after being used by Reuters in a market report.

McBride's former boss may need to "Save the World".

Russia was mocked.

Economic commentators were ribbed.

The weather was cooperating.

Politics was never far away...

But the real question was...