Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch Revealed In Instagram Picture

Samsung's New Smart Watch Looks Like A Normal Watch, Which Is Epic

Samsung's previous smart watch attempts haven't exactly set the world on fire but this, well this could change all of that.

Samsung's Head of Design America Dennis Miloseski has done the one thing that Samsung execs in South Korea have spent years of lost sleep worrying about; he leaked their newest smart watch.

Called the Gear S2, this is Samsung's first real fight back against both Android Wear and the Apple Watch. Why both? Because it's running Samsung's own software.

After releasing one OK Android Wear smart watch in the Gear Live, Samsung decided it was going to use its own toybox and went back to working on a next-generation wearable device that would run on the company's Tizen software.

The results? Well as you can see the results are...well they're actually really really attractive. The Gear S2 seemingly has a really understated style about it that's reminiscent of a classic analogue Casio.

The round display will also house an all-new operating system that forgoes Samsung's gimmicky 'It's a very pixellated version of a real watch face', for 'OK now we've actually got some pixels this could look really nice'. Unsurprisingly, this is an improvement.

Of course it goes without saying that Miloseski almost certainly had permission to do so, but the significance of this act shouldn't be under appreciated.

Samsung's new operating wearable will not be using Google's Android Wear OS.

Traditionally Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony have gone to extraordinary lengths to keep their latest products under wraps, a task that has almost always failed because it was effectively telling a child not to open its presents before Christmas morning.

Every year that child would break into the living room (supply chain) of its parent and get a sneak peak, usually through an inexplicably blurry piece of cameraphone footage or in more extreme cases by simply unwrapping the present and then just owning it.

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