Virginia Shooting: Piers Morgan Tells America Not To 'Shirk' Away From Its Responsibility, Slams Gun Violence

Piers Morgan Has Some Harsh Home Truths For America In Wake Of Virginia Shooting

Piers Morgan has gone on a Twitter tirade against US gun violence, repeatedly tweeting an image of the moment a reporter and cameraman were killed live on air, and telling America not to "shirk" away from posting the disturbing photo, which "sums up your appalling, senseless gun culture".

The photo is a screen grab taken from a video which was filmed by the alleged gunman, Vester Flanagan, aka Bryce Williams.

It has since emerged that the Charleston shooting earlier this summer, which was carried out in order to ignite a "race war", was what prompted Williams to purchase a gun.

On Wednesday morning, reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward were filming a feature on tourism at a Virginia shopping plaza on Wednesday when shots were fired.

Williams, 41, was a journalist who was fired from the TV station earlier this year. He crashed his vehicle while trying to flee state troopers. He was later pronounced dead in hospital.

Alison Parker and Adam Ward

America's gun laws have, once again, been thrust into the limelight. In the wake of this morning's attack, Morgan posted the haunting image taken by the gunman just seconds before he killed the TV journalists.

Morgan labelled the attack "disgusting", calling for America to "God's sake, do something about guns".

The 50-year-old presenter and journalist repeatedly posted the provocative image, slamming Americans for doing "absolutely nothing" about "these incessant, horrific shootings".

Morgan defended repeatedly posting the picture saying America's "senseless gun violence is out of control".

He said that perhaps if images of previous attacks were published then something would have been done to prevent further atrocities.

Morgan is not the first public figure to speak out about gun violence in the wake of the killings.

Shortly after news broke of the shootings, Ricky Gervais likened having guns to giving people bombs, insisting that "only the angriest, most unstable people want everyone to have guns".

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