'Fit For Work' Figures: 7 People Who Died After Having Their Benefits Taken Away

7 People Who Died After Having Their Benefits Taken Away

The figures show that between December 2011 to February 2014, 4,010 people died after being told they should find work following a “Work Capability Assessment”.

But with such a huge number, it's easy to treat those who died as an abstraction. These are seven people who died after having their benefits taken away.

Mark Wood, 44

A disabled man from Brampton, Oxfordshire died after having his benefits cut, having lost weight as a result of his ordeal. Mark Wood was "frail and vulnerable" and weighed just 5st 8lbs when he was found.

After being declared fit to work he was left with just £40 a week to live on, the Mirror reported.

Jacqueline Harris, 53

A former nurse from Bristol died after being found to be "fit for work".

Despite living with chronic pain as a result of a fall and being half-blind, Jacqueline Harris was deemed ineligible for disability benefits.

She was found dead after a failed operation to relieve her symptoms, an inquest heard.

Protests have taken place against sanctions

Brian McArdle, 54

Brian McArdle died the day after his disability benefits were stopped after he was deemed "fit for work".

Despite suffering a stroke so severe it left a blood clot on his brain, McArdle was told to find work after an assessment, the Daily Record reported. His son blames Atos for his death.

David Coupe, 57

A farmer left unable to move by crippling back pain was ordered to find work by the government. David Coupe died of cancer after receiving a terminal diagnosis with just weeks left to live.

He previously suffered chronic pain, ulcers and a heart condition, the Daily Mail reported.

Sheila Holt

The government was forced to apologise unreservedly after Sheila Holt was ordered to find work - despite being in a coma.

Sheila died soon after the letter was sent to her. Despite being in hospital, she was invited to conduct "intensive job-focused activity," the BBC reported.

Outrage has been caused by the DWP's handling of benefits claimants

Stephanie Bottrill, 53

A woman who blamed the bedroom tax for her anxiety and stress killed herself soon after, leaving notes detailing her reasons for family and friends.

Stephanie Bottrill was ordered to pay extra for the spare rooms in her council owned terraced house in Solihull. Her GP said she felt pressured to make a decision on whether to pay the tax in "just half an hour", the Independent reported.

David Clapson

David Clapson had no food in his stomach when he was found. His benefits had been stopped after he missed one meeting at his local job centre.

He collapsed as a result of a lack of insulin. A pile of CVs were found next to his body. He hadn't been able to afford food, or pay for electricity, a contributor to the Guardian wrote.


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