Unemployment benefits

Figures also show the number of UK workers on payrolls has fallen by 695,000 since March, due to the coronavirus pandemic.
New Labor Department guidance encourages states to get employers to report on people refusing job offers.
The global number of coronavirus cases has reached over a million. The UK will aim to carry out 100,000 tests a day by the end of April, as the health secretary waves 13.4 billion pounds of historic debt held by NHS trusts. A refugee camp in Greece is under quarantine with 20 of its residents testing positive and nearly 7 million people have filed for unemployment benefits in the US.
Don't forget that this could be any of us at any time. No matter how safe you feel, life can change in an instant and one day it could be you who is being jeered at and being told to leave London and stop complaining. How would you feel then?
Although the final chapter in this tale has now been published, those constituents will still be struggling to pay off their debts, and the accompanying interest payments, several months from now. They might not even know they can claim compensation to help get their finances back on track.
Late to the party, I finally watched I, Daniel Blake in my local independent cinema this weekend, overpriced, delicious, and
This year I took my topless comedy show 'Sextremist' to the Edinburgh Fringe partly in thanks to financial backing from the
"The market has decided this is my stuff," won't work for much longer because there soon won't be enough people with jobs to support a market. The next phase of the history of stuff might be, "We all get the same stuff," but that sounds suspiciously like socialism, which can't possibly be right...
Fans of the League of Gentlemen will know that Royston Vasey is nothing without diabolical Job Centre Restart Officer Pauline
Half a million disabled people will be affected by the Government's plans to reduce Employment and Support Allowance by around £30 a week.