Mail Online Faces Backlash After 'Sexist' Article Says Lack Of Housework 'Makes Women Fat'

The Mail Online has come under fire after publishing an article which says lack of housework is "making women fat".

The article, which has been branded "sexist tosh" by Twitter users, implies that women are piling on the pounds because of "labour-saving" devices such as dishwashers and microwaves.

In doing so they also, rather blatantly, suggest that housework is solely for women - a rather "misogynistic" view - while also body-shaming women.

It's safe to say, people are pretty pissed.

According to the Mail Online, researchers believe a drop in the amount of time spent on housework is contributing to the "obesity epidemic".

The article then goes on to say that in comparison to 30 years ago, women are spending more time at work and devoting less time to housework.

Umm sorry, but isn't that how it should be?

Feminist blogger Louise Pennington tells HuffPost UK Lifestyle that the article is "stupid".

"This type of misogynistic bilge is as stupid as it is offensive. By this logic, men are larger today because they don't get to spend their time telling women what to do," she says.

"Body-shaming is incredibly harmful. It fails to recognise the structures which prevent healthy eating - like poverty. It ignores the fact comfort-eating is a normal human response to trauma. It ignores the fact that women's bodies are naturally very different.

"All of these complaints about women's bodies are nothing more than patriarchy in action."

Of course, people on Twitter have plenty to say on the matter too and many have flocked to air their disapproval of the article and it's "misogynistic" views.