How To Convince Your Partner To Get A Dog

If you dream of getting a dog but are fighting a losing battle against your other half, read on.

The folks at Zoomin TV have put together a list of perfectly great arguments that you can use to fight your cause.

And if they don't agree to getting a pet pooch after hearing these pointers, they're definitely not worthy. (We're just kidding by the way, work on getting a cat instead).

1. Dogs keep us healthy

Studies have shown that dogs can be trained to predict seizures or low blood sugar and can even detect cancer.

Dog owners have a lower risk of heart disease, they are also more likely to feel less stressed and anxious, and have lower blood pressure.

Additionally, Zoomin reports that humans who suffered heart attacks were almost twice as likely to recover if they had a pet pooch.

2. Dogs keep us safe

Dogs can give homeowners peace of mind. After surveying prison inmates who had been convicted of home robbery, 65% of them said a dog could scare them away.

It was also found that when walking a dog, people tend to feel less afraid of violent crimes.

3. Dogs make us happy

Playing with a dog increases your brain's dopamine and serotonin levels, which are associated with happiness. Additionally just making eye contact with a dog also boosts oxytocin levels.

4. Dogs can prevent allergies

Studies have proven that children raised with dogs end up with fewer allergies.

For anyone who already has allergies, in the past dogs have been trained to smell ingredients that their owners are allergic to - saving their owner from a potential reaction.

5. Dogs help you lose weight

Michigan State University researchers found that dog owners were 34% more likely to achieve the recommended amount of exercise in a week than non-dog owners.