01/09/2015 08:19 BST | Updated 01/09/2015 08:59 BST

UFO Hunters Capture Mysterious 'Shape-Shifting' Object Over Russia

UFO hunters have captured a bizarre video which reportedly shows a 'shape-shifting' UFO over the skies in Russia.

The mysterious looking craft -- described as being 'reptilian' in nature -- was caught hovering around the cloud line with what appear to be two 'engines' located on either side of it's body.

The 'shape-shifting' UFO was reportedly caught on a low-res smartphone camera.

Well-known UFO-focused YouTube Channel Secure10 uploaded the video which they claim was sent in to them.

The site has posted a number of striking videos in the last month including one which reportedly shows the almost mythical 'Black Knight' UFO.

Spotted as far back as the 70s, the 'Black Knight' UFO is claimed by many to be an ancient alien satellite that has been orbiting Earth and observing our planet.

While many were eager to jump onto the bandwagon, viewers of the 'shape-shifting' craft have been more skeptical with some claiming that distortions in the video prove that it's actually a fake.

On YouTube user said: "Could be distortion caused by the editing software...How are you so certain this is real UFO footage. Its just as important to disprove the videos you examine as it is to prove them."


Secure10 replied to the comment saying:

"The way I see it, if the source of this video worked this hard on hoaxing it, (let alone it being a motion tracking nightmare) Don't you think he'd have reviewed his work multiple times before sending it to us?"

"If this were a hoax, which I don't think it is, I doubt he would have done this good a job, just to leave a giant pixel in the footage. It doesn't make sense. That's my opinion anyway."