African Elephant Attacks Safari Truck During Fit Of Rage In Hwange Zimbabwe

An enraged bull elephant has been caught on camera charging at a safari truck, lifting it off the ground with its tusks.

The animal narrowly avoided spearing the screaming passengers, who were tourists in Hwange, Zimbabwe.

The video, captured on a GoPro camera by one of the visitors last month, shows the African mammal pushing the truck around with ease, before eventually retreating.

Dramatic footage of an elephant attacking a safari truck has emerged

The unnamed film-maker later wrote online, stating that the creature pierced the tyre before "breaking through the metal like butter, narrowly missing a passengers leg."

A reason for the unusually violent behaviour from the peaceful animal could be a state called musth, which is a sexually active period among males.

During this time male Elephants have been known to become increasingly aggressive.

The incident took place at Hwange National Park - which is the same reserve where Cecil the lion was killed by a poacher in July.