Aylan Kurdi Given Anonymous Obituary In Sydney Morning Herald

A touching obituary to Aylan Kurdi, the Syrian toddler who drowned alongside his brother and mother whilst trying to reach Greece has been written by an anonymous writer in a newspaper.

The tribute in Australia's 'Sydney Morning Herald' said: "You were not a migrant. You were not a refugee.. May God forgive us for failing you".

The three-year-old-child made headlines across the world earlier this week, as images surfaced of his lifeless body washed ashore on a Bodrum beach.

Him, his five-year-old brother Galip and their mother were all among 12 migrants who drowned after their boat capsized off the Turkish coast. Aylan's father survived, but has been left distraught by the ordeal.

Aylan (left) and his older brother Galip (right)

On the same day that the three family members were remembered at a funeral in their Syrian hometown, a notice was placed in the deaths and funerals section of one of Australia's most respected broadsheet newspapers.

Headed with the image of a cartoon teddy bear, the memorial's unknown writer delivered a touching tribute to a boy they most likely never knew.

"You did not deserve to drown in the coldness of water and in the coldness of human indifference," the memorial read.

"You were not a migrant. You were not a refugee. You were a 3yr old little boy wanting to play safely, away from the threats of violence and war.

"Rest In Peace Aylan Kurdi," it ended. "May God forgive us for failing you."

Aylan, his brother and mother were all remembered at a funeral on Friday -- widowed Abdullah Kurdi left to bury those he lost who were closest to him.

The refugee was pictured being overcome with grief and comforted by friends.