08/09/2015 09:31 BST | Updated 08/09/2015 09:59 BST

Alien Hunters Claim To Spot Unidentified Flying Objects Over Baltic Sea Near Russia

A cluster of bright orange spots hovering over the Baltic sea near Russia's borders has been labelled as UFOs by alien enthusiast Scott Waring.

A video posted to YouTube last week shows blurry close-up images of three, maybe four, dots hovering close to the sun.

Waring claims the "number one" time to catch UFOs is at sunset.

Writing on YouTube, he said: "When the sun is setting, the light that bends around the cloak will no longer work for a few minutes.

"This is why so many are seen during this time of the day."


While the image quality is too poor to confirm or deny Waring's claims, this is not the first time Russia has been linked to UFO reports.

On August 20 well known UFO enthusiasts, secureteam10, posted a video of a "shape-shifting" object over the skies in Russia.

The mysterious looking craft -- described as being 'reptilian' in nature -- was caught hovering around the cloud line with what appear to be two 'engines' located on either side of it's body.

Some commenters were critical of the footage, with one YouTube user saying:

"Could be distortion caused by the editing software...How are you so certain this is real UFO footage. Its just as important to disprove the videos you examine as it is to prove them."