Tony Blair Trolled Over Corbyn Victory As Supporters Round On Him Over 'Heart Transplant' Comment

Corbyn Victory Is 'A Lot Of Heart Transplants' Tony Blair

Tony Blair has been mocked on social media following Jeremy Corbyn's labour leadership victory after weeks of taunting the Islington North MP and his supporters.

During the campaign, the former prime minister said Labour faced "annihilation" if Corbyn was elected leader and that the party was in a danger "more mortal today than at any point in the over 100 years of its existence". He also warned Corbyn's supporters to get a heart "transplant" or risk dragging the party back to the 1980s.

Tony Blair, who was so vocal in the lead-up to the Labour leadership elections, has been mocked online following Jeremy Corbyn's victory

In his final attack late last month Blair urged Labour members to reject Corbyn's "Alice in Wonderland" politics. Writing in The Observer Blair said Corbyn's supporters were operating in a "parallel reality" which rejects evidence and reason. Voting for Corbyn, he wrote, would be an electoral disaster.


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