X Factor Winner Steve Brookstein Embarks On Bizarre Twitter Rant In Response To #ShoutYourAbortion

Steve Brookstein Shamelessly Hijacks Abortion Hashtag In Bid To Boost His Profile

'X Factor' winner Steve Brookstein has shamelessly hijacked a Twitter hashtag meant to empower women who've had abortions

And he's even questioned people on whether they've aborted a child.

The movement trended worldwide on Tuesday and also prompted another hashtag aiming to promote adoption.

But Brookstein has used it to shoehorn in a mention of his own 'abortion' - of a music contract with 'X Factor' mogul Simon Cowell.

And rather than quickly rectify the error of judgement, the infamously prickly singer defended his views in a series of expletive-laden tweets.

He began to question women on whether they had had abortions

And made other offensive remarks

People are incredibly -- understandably -- quite angry

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