‘Coronation Street' Spoiler: Kylie Platt To Be Caught For Callum's Murder? Actress Paula Lane Teases Upcoming Drama

'Corrie' Spoiler! Actress Paula Teases Upcoming Drama

‘Coronation Street’ actress Paula Lane has hinted at what’s to come for her character Kylie Platt, who murdered Callum Logan in Wednesday night’s dramatic live show.

Viewers saw Kylie hit Callum over the head with a wrench, in a bid to save Sarah, who was fighting with him. Together with David, they then made the decision to put his body in the basement.

Paula has played Kylie since 2010

Tonight’s episode (Friday 25 September) will see the fallout from the murder, and Paula has now hinted at what is to come, appearing to suggest that her character will be caught out.

“There’s a lot more to come for Kylie,” she revealed. “This storyline is going to provide a lot of drama for the Platts.

“But morally if you kill someone in soapland there has to be justice in the end so I guess I’ll just have to see what happens. I think it’s great that like me the viewers will be left wondering for a while.”

However, it seems Kylie might not immediately be found out, as Paula went on to add that “any number of people” could be blamed for her on-screen ex’s death.

“They’ve definitely painted the picture that there were a lot of people out to get him and a lot of people looking for revenge against Callum,” she added.

“Todd and Tony torched Callum’s car, so that could put them in the frame. There are a lot of people who were accomplices, not just Kylie, yes she whacked him on the head but plenty of people wanted to!”

Uh-oh! Callum's mum arrives on the Street

Things are set to get even worse for the Platts tonight, when Callum’s mother Marion turns up asking questions about where he is.

It’s not all about the Platts though, and a recently-revealed trailer hints at what’s to come for other Weatherfield residents, including Sally Webster and Roy Cropper.

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