Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Conference Speech Attacking Media Leaves Journalists Reeling

Corbyn's Takedown Of British Press Is Just Too Much For Some Journalists

Jeremy Corbyn today delivered his inaugural speech to Labour's annual Autumn conference, beginning with a blistering attack on Conservative rivals and those in the media he claimed were set on smearing him wherever possible.

The Islington MP, elected earlier this month by 59% of the so-called 'selectorate' members and supporters, rounded on Daily Mail, Times and Express reporters "tawdry media attacks".

Corbyn cited articles including the Daily Mail's "revelation" that he "welcomed the prospect of an asteroid 'wiping out' humanity".

“Now, asteroids are pretty controversial and it’s not the kind of policy I’d want this party to adopt without a full debate in conference, so can we have the debate later in the week?” he jested, to laughter and applause from audience members.

Many journalists posted messages on social media about Corbyn's comments.

Others remained a little more jovial about the whole affair.

But the sentiment seemed to resonate with social media users - and even a few journalists - who piled in to defend Corbyn and his stand against the so-called "commentariat".


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