Australia Sinkhole Footage Filmed By Divers In Incredible Underwater Video

Divers have explored a giant sinkhole in Australia which forced over 140 campers to evacuate after it swallowed caravans a camping trailer and tents.

The 150-metre long and 50 metre wide sinkhole opened up on 26 September at MV Beagle Campground, north of Queensland's Rainbow Beach at Inskip Point.

Incredible underwater video footage has captured the dramatic aftermath of the event, as divers from a local center took the plunge into the abyss.

The giant sinkhole emerged at a campground in Queensland

The scenes from inside the ocean show trees and shards of random of debris, which have been tossed aside by the powerful forces.

As the cameraman weaves between the floating objects, he passes what appears to be a truck, with a sign reading "do not overtake turning vehicle."

Kevin Phillips, a spokesman for Wolf Rock Dive, told local news: "Half the forest has gone into the sinkhole, so it's an absolute maze of trees and bushes and timber and then there's the debris field from the caravan."

Phillips, continuing to describe the aftermath, told local news the sea floor was like quicksand.

He added: "The bottom of the sinkhole is still very fluid, it's a real loose soupy sandy fluid, you can stick your whole arm into it like that and pull it back out."

The divers are currently undertaking a salvage operation to try to rescue lost items.