Pope Francis Took Clandestine Meeting With Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis, Vatican Reluctantly Reveals

NEW YORK -- What a terrific guy the pope is, bowling in to the US Congress to demand reluctant Republicans take action on climate change.

Unfortunately for those quick to deify the new liberal messiah, Francis attended a less public engagement on his recent trip, meeting with Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk notorious for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples as a matter of religious conscience.

After Davis’ lawyers revealed the clandestine gathering on Tuesday, the Vatican was forced to confirm it on Wednesday, spokesman Federico Lombardi, saying: “I do not deny that the meeting took place, but I have no comment to add.”

Earlier, Lombardi had refused to confirm the meeting, suggesting the Vatican knew how unpopular it would prove with the Pontiff's new legion of fans.

Not quite as alarming, but still worthy of note is the revelation that Kim Davis’ latest husband attended the meeting. That’s the man that looks like this:

So not only did the pope take a naughty meeting with a woman who believes gays shouldn't be allowed to wed, but he likely sat through that conference outgunned on the fancy dress.