30/09/2015 10:22 BST | Updated 30/09/2015 10:59 BST

Reddit Demanded That This 'Do Not Open' Fridge Be Opened And Well, It Was

When the internet rounds on a problem, it usually doesn't take long for a conclusion to be reached...

This was proved when a passerby posted a picture onto Reddit, depicting a strapped-shut fridge with the somewhat sinister words "Do not open" scrawled onto the side.

Needless to say, the kitchen appliance's contents inspired numerous conspiracy theories, mostly involving human waste and body parts.

The fridge has "Do not open" scribbled across it

Remarkably, thanks to Reddit, the contents of the cool storage unit have finally been revealed.

A user replied to the original thread, with a YouTube video of the fridge entitled "We opened 'DO NOT OPEN' fridge in the alleyway..."

In the footage, the three friends prise open the appliance with numerous tools, while wearing mouth-coverings.

When they open the bottom half of the fridge, the three let out groans and one man is heard saying "There it is, a bunch of rancid-ass food."

The inside of the bottom unit of the appliance

The suspense built as next they made their way to the top half of the appliance, only to find a similar state of affairs.

"Eurgh shrimp, it's a bunch of sea food and shit" said one of the friends.

Before another person interjected "There you go internet. No dead bodies."


According to the caption on the footage, the fridge belonged to a hoarder.

The post read: "It was screwed shut, strapped, and thrown off the second story of the house (this explains the dent), and it was put in the alley for solid waste to pick up.

"Someone posted a pic of it to Reddit, and it became our responsibly to open it."