Guys Prove Utter Stupidity By Using Exploding Airbag To Launch A Car Tyre

Airbags are usually meant to increase safety. In a car, the white bags could be life-saving.

However, a group of friends who decided to play with death tried using it to make a car tyre fly. Yes, fly.

The trick involved placing the rubber wheel on top of an exploding airbag to see just how far the tyre would rise.

Turns out, they hadn't anticipated the power of the bag as it blew up.

The tyre flew so far up that the maverick guys lost sight of it.

Panicking, they scrambled as far and wide as possible in the hopes that it would not claim their lives as it crash-landed back in to their front gardens.

Crashing into the rear window of a parked car, the tyre didn't injure anyone (this time) and the gimmick ended with a lot of laughter.

Stupidity won but don't try this at home.

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