This Wearable Machine Gun That Shoots Fireworks Is Equal Parts Amazing And Stupid

This is, unremarkably, one of the stupidest things we've probably seen this year.

Yet despite all of the logic in our brain fighting to gain dominance, we can't help but appreciate just how ridiculously cool this looks.

This was a terrible idea.

YouTuber iZHarms has created a giant 'wearable' firework cannon that when turned on unleashes a brightly-coloured barrage of good times.

It of course goes without saying that you 100 per cent should not try this at home. In fact don't even think about doing it.

Just let your eyes do the watching and then connect that to the appreciation centre of your brain, all the while avoiding the neural network that allows you to use your imagination long enough that it might seem like a good idea.

Thankfully though, iZHarms did all of that for both his and our viewing pleasure because it turns out that for some people, Summer just isn't complete until you've strapped two giant firework-spouting machine guns to your arms.

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