Spaghetti Rat Takes World By Storm In The Wake Of New York's Pizza Rat

Forget Pizza Rat, Spaghetti Rat Has Arrived

You may remember the furry rodent that was caught on footage taking a sneaky slice of pizza from a New York subway.

Now another rat has been caught on video, this time eating spaghetti.

Just like a scene from Disney's Ratatouille, this little one really does love the Italian cuisine.

Baby munches on spaghetti

The adorable bundle of fluff is named Baby and hails from the Netherlands.

Although quite far from pizza rat's hometown, perhaps the pair can communicate in spirit.

Since the video was uploaded to YouTube on 5 October it has been viewed more than 100,000 views in 24 hours.

Rats are not picky when it comes to eating and they are known to consume pretty much anything.

We just wonder what the little creatures are going to try next...


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