Russian Weather Forecaster Says Conditions Perfect For Syrian Airstrikes

Conditions in Syria are perfect for fighter jets taking to the sky and launching airstrikes, a Russian weather forecaster said on the country's state TV station on Sunday.

“Russian aerospace forces are continuing their operation in Syria. Experts say the timing for it was chosen very well in terms of weather,” the meteorologist said in a clip filmed on Rossiya 24.

She appeared in front of a screen showing a fighter jet emblazoned with the words “flying weather”.

What began as a standard weather forecast turned into a newsreel on the growing conflict in the region, as aerial footage released by the defence minister showed targets in the Syrian countryside being hit by plane-launched bombs.

Russia's military intervention in the region comes after President Vladimir Putin ordered a campaign to drive out and kill ISIS militants, although NATO figures suggests government opposition fighters and civilians are among the dead.

Still from footage shot by Russian Defense Ministry showing an aerial bomb explosion in Syria

But positive coverage of the conflict continued in Russia, with a channel Rossiya 24 forecaster telling viewers: "October in Syria is a great month for flying; the average wind speed is 2.4m/s.

"Strong gusts will be just once an month and it only rains once every ten days."

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